Feelin' Afraid

by Cozy Burger Smoke

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By listening to this track, you become part of a great moment in musical history.
Because this is the first Deathpiss song ever recorded.
That's right, folks. Before the genre of deathpiss swept the Top 40, before Rolling Stone magazine announced that they would cease covering rock and roll to cover deathpiss exclusively, before Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar, Coldplay, and Pink Floyd, all "sold out" by going deathpiss, this was the song that started it all. In fact, at the time when this was written, none of that had even happened yet. But the members of Cozy Burger Smoke understood from the very beginning the crucial importance of what they were doing.
Deathpiss is the newest and best genre of music
Deathpiss utilizes three instruments: dirty bass, synth drums, and synth digeridoo.
The subject matter of deathpiss focuses on tobacco consumption (in all its forms), fast food (the restaurant part only, not the drive-thru), and bedding.

Welcome, brothers and sisters, to deathpiss.


I’m afraid I’m afraid I’m afraid
That this cigarette is gonna fall outta my mouth
When I open it up real wide to insert some Wendy’s
I’m afraid I’m afraid I’m afraid
That I’m gonna catch this bedding on fire
So just lemme pour this baja blast all over it
to inhibit flame catchability
I read a scientific paper that says that that’s what happens when you do that
But I’ll bet you already knew that
You goody two shoes fucking college boy
I’m afraid I’m afraid
that when I eat this French fry I won’t taste it so well
because of all this dip in my mouth
My mamma bought me some sheets
But the thread count can’t contain my Arby’s sauces
I’m stickin’ a French fry through the hole that I burned in these sheets with my cigar ‘cause I was mad about the thread count
I really like to use tobacco in a variety of ways
It makes me feel good
I like to eat fast food (but in the restaurant, not the drive through)
It makes me feel good
I like the comfort that bedding provides
It make me feel good
If I feel so good, then why am I so afraid?


released September 27, 2014




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