Music Isn't Really My Thing

by Earwig Deluxe

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I have absolutely no idea why I made this song, but it's definitely closer to my essential self than anything else I have made. The sloppiness is intentional, I think, but I'm not sure.


I've liked every Kevin Costner movie that I've ever seen,

but I don't like Kevin Costner.

I once knew a guy who carried his spleen on a leash.

He died.

My music would probably sound way different if I could whistle

but I can't so it sounds like this.

Perhaps this song would be better if I knew why I was making it.

But I don't, so suck my dick.

For some reason, I think that it's fun to go to the store and buy apples, even though bananas are funnier

by far.

It's time to wear a hat and sing a song about a man who had a pet alpaca with a wwjd bracelet.

Music isn't really my thing.

You can't kick my door down if I don't have one, and I once suckered some kids into getting close

enough for me to punch them.

I live in the south now, where people dress like cowboys and use pig saliva as a currency.

I don't play with silly putty anymore unless it's locally farmed and free ranged.

I had a friend in middle school whose ear canal was full of little bugs with little hats and very low self


Don't you dare take that tag of that mattress, don't you dare take the head off my mistress, and I'd really

prefer that you not test me.

I don't think it will come to this, but if you see me with a suspicious package, alert an authority.

It's time to wear a mask and sing a song about a woman who was never very good at anything that she

was ever proud of.

Music isn't really my thing.


released June 29, 2013




Earwig Deluxe Knoxville, Tennessee

Music isn't really my thing

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