RE: Band on the Run (Snakes)

by Earwig Deluxe and the Savage Energy of Bad Taste

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I expect that cowboys will enjoy this song.


I'm sorry that I bought you those boots
that were full of meat.
I was hungry when I bought them.
I haven't seen your shampoo anywhere.
I suppose I must have used it to adorn my little statue.
Did you know there's a statue of you in the Louvre
carved out of the greymatter of Humphrey Bogart?
You said you went there and you didn't see it, but the Louvre is a big place & you probably missed it.
Next time you're in town, swing by.
What's your favorite thing to throw at Shriners?
Mine is water balloons full of that shampoo that you haven't seen.
I'm not a warewolf; I just dress like this.
In this overall costume,
I look like a pair of overalls
unless you can see the zipper.
I was pretty mad that the zipper was so salient
when I bought the pants.
You don't want to know how often it gets stuck.
Are you a fan of Ruggero Deodato?
I like Sunset Boulevard
but I don't think he made that one.
I think that was Billy somethin'.
Not Billy Crystal.
Not Billy Bragg.
Maybe Mike Winston.
That sounds right.
That sounds right.
Am I right?
Are you enjoying the song?
Have you picked up on the undertones, on the meaning of the song?
Are you reading between the lines?
It's about
the song,
Band on the Run.
Someone told me that song is about male prostitution
but it's not about male prostitution
because I went out with Paul McCartney
and he doesn't know shit about male prostitution.
So that's what the song is about.
Except for now, 5 minutes and 42 seconds in, the song now about snakes, but it's almost over.
It's about snakes for the next few seconds because I changed it
about 20 seconds ago.


released March 12, 2017
Earwig Deluxe on vocals
James Otis Chuffmusk on glockenspiel
Nyarlathotep Jr. on shampoo bottle
Henrik Ibsen on otamatone
Gwyneth Chudwatcher on metal ruler
Moist Elvis on melodica
Bonertime Fishpaddle on guitar




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